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I’m Naila Rizvan. An engineer by profession, I have worked as a technical consultant in SAP at Bangalore for 4+ years. Crossed over to website designing and social media marketing after relocating to Qatar with my family over six years ago. A dearth of suitable job opportunities in my professional field in the gulf led me back to my favorite passions: Reading and Gardening. Both have grown into full-time jobs too. 

I’m passionate about reading and gardening. My backyard normally has 30+ varieties of vegetables and fruits. But reading is the one thing that I take very seriously. I read 104 books in 2019! I find that I can easily lose myself in different worlds and have different kinds of experiences each time I pick up a book. I don’t remember a time in my life I wasn’t reading. It was a natural transition from reading books to writing about them here on Monde Books.

I find that I am an adventurer and love doing new things creatively. I love a challenge once in a while and you would be hard-pressed to make me say no once I’m in.

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