23 May

Qatar National Library

As you might have guessed from the title, this is the change I was talking about in the last post. We got our very own Qatar National Library. Even before they opened their doors, they used to have a stall in all of the book fairs and I was already a registered member. I still remember walking through those doors and thinking I have reached the Heaven of Books. I was literally awestruck and out of words to describe what I was seeing. It is so huge that I don’t think I still have gone through all of their aisles even after so many visits.

QNL is a dream come true for all passionate readers. I went from reading maybe 8-10 books a year to much more than that in one month. Can you believe I have already completed 24 books this year out of which 17 are in March alone? The first thing everyone asks when I talk about QNL is “What is the membership fees?” Well it’s completely free. We just have to show our RP and give a few details about us and we are registered. We can take up to 4 books and children can take up to 5 books at a time which we can keep for 21 days. These can be renewed online twice. In short we can keep a book for roughly 63 days. But who needs that many days right? I have even made my husband register so I can take books in his card too. That’s a total of 8 books for me. Yaaay!!!

As you might have guessed from my last post I’m more into Crime Fiction. But now I’m trying out Teen Fiction and they are pretty good too. I loved Embrace series by Jessica Shirvington and Defy series by Sara B Larson. If you’re into Teen Fiction you shouldn’t miss out on these.

I want my son to love reading like me. I used to always buy books for him even when he was just 2 years old. I used to read to him. Now with the library, I make it a point to take books for him too. I make sure he reads almost daily before going to sleep. It has almost become a routine though he is lazy some of the days ;).

Some of the days I still find it difficult to believe that I am getting to read so many books. Every time I go to QNL I feel this happiness inside me that I just cannot describe. I can easily spend a whole day there. Even the kids can be kept busy. I took my son twice in the last 2 weeks. We went in the morning and came back in the evening only. They have a cafe from where we had lunch. And there is a mosque so we don’t even miss our prayers.

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